Space307 develops an international online trading platform Akma. Every day, 255K unique users from over 100 countries visit our platform. Space307 is a horizontally-structured company. All our employees do more than just the bare minimum. We all are experts in our spheres. The work in the company is based on a simple rule: when a client comes to us with a problem, we solve it.
We are looking for a Copywriter — a colleague who will help us achieve our goals and take our marketing to a whole new level.
Please if you are interested in our position share with us your portfolio links in the cover letter.
What you'll do
  • Write about trading-related topics such as Stocks, Forex, Crypto, etc.
  • Produce texts of different formats, i.e. posts, stories, press releases, articles, emails, notifications.
  • Suggest ideas on how to improve communications.
  • Create content together with editors and designers.
What we're looking for
  • Non-native speaker with the high level of proficiency in English.
  • Experience in writing texts for the Fintech sector, mostly about trading.
  • Be able to write about complex things in simple terms.
  • Know how to write both short- and long-form texts.
  • Create texts using correct grammar, a logical structure, clear connections, and varied language.
What we offer
  • Comfortable and decent conditions: flexible schedule, remote work worldwide and, of course, a competitive salary level.
  • Honesty, transparency and lack of bureaucracy.
  • A structure in which there is no "СEO minus four" - we are all equal and everyone is responsible for the result.
  • Events for every taste: trainings, seminars, conferences, lectures, master classes. As well as team building and corporate parties, impressive in their scale.
  • Hackathons, marathons, quests and tournaments: colleagues unite into teams, create cool ideas and projects and receive no less cool prizes for this.
  • A real team: here we give honest feedback, come to the rescue and cheer for the result.
You can attach your CV or provide us a link on it. We will be pleased.
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